don't be halloweak


Beanie and a big sweater 😍


Have you ever looked at a really hot dude and thought I’d suck his dick with no hesitation if he asked me


Liam ~responding to the ever original “who’s your celebrity crush” and Niall and Harry COMPLETELY LOSING IT. (x)


If you don’t go hard for Does He Know, i feel bad for you… It’s such a jam..

'FOUR' official tracklist

Four Lyrics Posters → Fireproof


Luke at The Cool Room at The Australian Brewery (10/16/14) 


Wild Dances


The WWA Opening is literally the most nerve wracking thing. You hear the mashup of a bunch of their songs and then that stupid music with their cute ass faces doing stupid cute things on the big screen. And your hearts racing because you know any second you’re about to see them. Then that door comes up and you see them all standing there looking hot as fuck and Harry comes out singing “Straight off the plane to a new hotel.” and then he pauses and I’m done, SO done.

Niall telling fans to shut the fuck up {x}


He’s so fucking frustrated